A non-exhaustive list of the last places to hide

Any kind of gadget screen. Easy. But hard on the eyes. ( The criers may wish to avoid this.)

The gap between inhale and exhale. ( This can be stretched out to fit. You may feel like you’re drowning, but drowning makes you feel alive.  You’ll surface choking,  ferociously coming up for air. Your face a pretty red. Inhale, exhale, blur. Repeat.)

Under the table (if nobody is around to watch you crawl to it.)

In the bathroom. Bathrooms are good. Always.

The shower. ( For criers and non criers alike.)

In his arms. ( There is a reason this isn’t at the top of the list.)

Mirrors. If you know how to hold a conversation with them, without cracking.


Not, at the dining table, under the welcome mat, on the sofa, in the party, not- across the room, not-.

For temporary places, try food.

A burger. French fries, on a red tray. Or a white plate, preferably with a slice of something on it. For multiple white plates, visit the hotel buffet, at lunch. ( Try not to seem too self conscious. )

Or. The biggest popcorn tub you ever saw. Salty fingers. The dark womb of a cinema hall. The bright red (why are they always red!) interiors. Pizzas. Laughter that is too loud, too fast.

If all of this is too loud then the quieter places are-

The window seat in a bus that is sinking into nightfall. Chai mist. Chulha smoke.  Ramshackle roadside restaurants that swear pure vegetarianism.

Do not linger, though

On the surface of his sunglasses. Between his fingers.

A book. (This works well. Aim for a chronology of  heartache, reality and hope- in that very order. Of course, this doesn’t always work. But it just might.)

A movie. A song, even- but sometimes songs only airlift you back to the same places that you’re trying to flee. Be careful, here.

A family photo album. With a baby in your arms. ( This is the oldest hiding trick.)

Some people like the quiet of their own throats. ( Choking hazard, avoid.)

Home, not. Never really, home. (Unless all the bricks belong to you, and you understand that cement is not the same as glue.)

If everyone is always looking at you walk, then behind someone. Actually, No.


Behind your eyelids. This can be managed for years, if you know how to- but it hurts the most out of them all.

So, eventually –


(If you are optimistic, then change that to-

Now! Here.)

Please note- This is a non-exhaustive list.