Ocean. Shipwreck. Drowning. Blue

The words buzz in your skull


The words have run out leaving

behind the emptiest emptiness

Your heart

The top half of an exhausted hourglass.

In a corner,

Someone is trying very hard to fix things-

You want to join them, or wanted to.

But they are faraway, and they

do not understand a word you say.

(This is always the fight. This is the only fight. Whose words make sense, and whose words don’t.)

Speak, they beg you, speak. Please.

You sorely wish to oblige, but trying hurts.

You open your mouth, and everything vanishes back into it.

Your words are ash at the back of your throat

Bitter and weightless pebbles crammed into your mouth

And your words, finding that they are unspeakable

alter themselves,turn to water and salt

So that when you taste them, you will think in flashes of pictures.

Ocean. Shipwreck. Drowning. Blue.