Roadsong and Promise

The night air, still. I am folded quietly into it. I am a nobody behind the steering wheel at 9.17pm.  The road is darkly curving into forever. The streetlights are all kindness. The air has finally found its breath, and I can feel it on my face.



The wheels, turning fast. A love song playing, slow. Driving the car along the starlit spine of this night.


I’m here, but I’m somewhere else. Between the constellations outside the car windows, and the rustle of the leaves in the trees.

It has been a hard day, a long day, and now, I am surrounded by darkness, wind, stars, trees. The road spins beneath me, a hypnotic ribbon. Music wraps itself around me, the slowest embrace.

Even if I wanted to, I could not tell you what it felt like to be alive in that moment. So gloriously alone. So perfectly solo. So content to be alive, just here, just by myself.
There hasn’t been a moment this perfect in the longest time. A blur of starlit darkness, windsong and trees.My hands on the steering wheel, my hair whipping wildly in the breeze, the slowest love song spilling over me, my heart, continuing to beat itself into a hush.

I keep driving.

The wheels continuing to turn below me, in perfect and unbroken circles. The wheels continue to turn like promises, bringing me home.